Dendrological and arboricultural services

Tree inspection reports
We develop tree inspection reports based on a detailed Visual Tree Assessment, which is an assessment of visible symptoms which have an impact on the condition of a tree, on its weakening or loss of stability. The report also includes tree care recommendations.

We cooperate with specialists who use instrumental tree assessment methods.

Detailed dendrological inventories
We develop a quantitative list of the greenery growing in the territory of an investment. The list includes such information as the name of the species, location and dendrological parameters of trees and shrubs, as well as any other information agreed upon with you.
A dendrological inventory consists of:
– a text part (the name of a species, results of tree measurements as well as any other additional information)
– a graphic part (a map or a drawing in which the location of individual trees and shrubs is indicated)

Dendrological supervision
We provide dendrological supervision over the work performed nearby of trees as part of construction or road investments. We provide consultation on the development of a tree protection plan and determination of the root protection area to protect the tree root mass from damage. We also suggest the methods that can be used for excavation works in the root protection area. We will help you make sure that you comply with tree protection standards and regulations that are applicable in Bielsko-Biała or any other city in Poland.

Nature protection workshops
We organise workshops for adults and for the youth the objective of which is to share the knowledge about the ecological, environmental and community value of trees, especially the trees in urban areas.

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